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How to use the Nonantum Eruv

On Friday afternoon, check our website or call the Eruv Hot-Line at 781-446-9797 to find out if The Nonantum Eruv is "up" (valid) or "down" (not valid). You can also subscribe to our weekly eruv status email

The eruv may be relied upon only if you determine that its status is "up". Even though it is almost always up, the default presumption each Shabbat is that the eruv is "down". Until one makes specific inquiry, one must regard the eruv as invalid.

An eruv only eliminates the rabbinic extensions to the Torah prohibition of "bringing". It does not override the laws of muktzeh. (In other words, anything that one can't touch on the Sabbath isn't made touchable by an eruv.) Carrying an umbrella is still prohibited. Carrying items that are intended to be used only after the Sabbath ends (such as car keys) is still prohibited, even within an eruv.

Please support the maintenance of the eruv by making a contribution to The Eruv Fund of the Adams Street Synagogue whenever you can.


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