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A Passover Story: The Sale

chag_samIt was fated to happen.  It had been waiting for decades, perhaps even centuries, but it was inexorably destined to occur. It is a known fact even among marginally observant Jews: any chametz (leavened food) may not be owned during the entire festival of Passover. It is a stringency above and beyond the rules regarding non-kosher foods, which simply may not be eaten. This commonly accepted rule used to place the Jewish housewife in quite an annual quandary.  Does she throw all her non-Passover food out?  She could incur quite a loss, not to mention that wastefulness is, after all, frowned upon by religion. Businesses with large inventories stand to lose a lot more.

What to do?  The rabbis, in their inimitable wisdom, finally worked out a plan. Let all chametz be sold to a willing gentile.  Then, when Passover is over, this good person will relinquish his sale and the items will revert to the original Jewish owners.

Now that you have been introduced to this bit of Talmudic erudition, you must immediately be disabused of the notion that Stanley Medeiros was an anti-Semite. Nothing could be further from the truth. What he did was in justified anger, albeit that the reverberations of his actions echoed in Jewish circles around the world.

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The Four Mitzvot of Purim

Megillah Being Read on PurimThe jovial festival of Purim is almost upon us and I want to take this opportunity of providing you with a short update regarding the laws and customs.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call me.  Usually, the Fast of Esther is the day before Purim. Since the festival is on Sunday this year, we move the Fast to the preceding THURSDAY. The Fast begins at 5:03 A.M. and ends at 5:58 P.M.  Following is a synopsis of the mitzvot of Purim:

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From Israel With Love

satellite photo of IsraelDear Congregants and Friends,

I have just returned from Israel, where I went primarily to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of my grandson, Yonatan.  Needless to say, it was wonderful.  Here are some of the main issues in Israel right now:

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