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Six Wise Sheep --- A D'rash on Vayera

YaffeShlomo03Some religions have holy cows; we've got holy sheep! 

An inspirational message presented by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe during a class on the Rosh Hashanah Torah Reading (which is excerpted from Vayera).

The basis for this d'rash originates with Rabbi Meyer (Dr. Marcus) Lehmann, a 19th Century orthodox rabbi who was also a prolific writer of short stories.

The text being analyzed is a strange passage in Genesis chapter 21.


Melavah Malkah with Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer, Rabbi Shia Zuber, and Rabbi David Maayan

Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer, Rabbi Shia Zuber, Rabbi David Maayan, Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe -- at a Melavah Malkah at the Adams Street Shul, November 17, 2012.On Saturday night, November 17, 2012, Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer,  Rabbi Shia Zuber, and Rabbi David Maayan shared educational and inspirational stories and jokes.  For those who couldn't be there, we are happy to provide the video below.

The Melavah Malkah began with a thirty-five minute reception, featuring live music, food, and socializing.  The video below includes only seventeen minutes of the music, because after that the crowd had grown to the point that the sounds of socializing obscured the music in the video.

Next up on the video is the event's hostess, Nechama Cheses, who welcomes everyone and introduces the Shul's special guest presenters:  Rabbi Gedaliah Fleer, Rabbi Shia Zuber, and Rabbi David Maayan.  The three rabbis then spoke in that order, for about fifteen minutes each.

We hope you enjoy the video.  Donations to support our educational programs and their availability on the Internet are always welcome.

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