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Every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM,
sometimes followed by bagels and coffee.

Every Friday evening
at the quarter-hour
closest to candle-lighting time,
or at 7:00 pm, whichever is earlier. 

( This week, Kabbalat Shabbat is at pm. )

Every Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.

Every Saturday afternoon,
beginning fifteen minutes earlier than
the quarter-hour closest to Friday's candle-lighting.
Includes minchashalosh seudos (third meal), & maariv.

Additional services are scheduled for all other holidays.
See our calendar for details.

Halachic Times

Zmanim for Nonantum:
  • Sunrise: 6:28am
  • Kriat Shema (M''A): 9:02am
  • Kriat Shema (Gr''A): 9:38am
  • Latest Tefillah: 10:42am
  • Chatzot: 12:49pm
  • Mincha Gedola: 1:20pm
  • Mincha Katana: 4:31pm
  • Plag HaMincha: 5:50pm
  • Sunset: 7:10pm

Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, April 3, is at 6:56 pm.   Shabbat concludes at 7:57 pm on Saturday, April 4.  

Weekly Torah Portion

Minyans This Week

Friday:  pm
Saturday:  9:00 am
Sunday:  8:00 am

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