The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

hamentashen2The groggers and other instruments were deafening, the costumes were original and hilarious. The synagogue was filled with joy, laughter and lots and lots of revelers. This happy time was repeated on the morning of Purim, when the Megillah was read for the second time.

On a personal note, we try to keep up with the Mishloach Manot. However, when our entire doorstep was filled with these beautiful gifts on Sunday morning, we were simply overwhelmed. The point of this mitzvah is to promote joy and friendship among us. Susan and I can truly state that you have performed this wonderful mitzvah in its deepest sense.

In every respect, it was a Purim not to be forgotten.

We have just had the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of machatzit hashekel. It commemorates the time that a census was taken through the counting of half a shekel, which each man had to donate. The question can well be asked why this unit of currency had to be divided in half. Would it not have been easier and even more logical if every man simply donated a shekel?

Dear Congregants and Friends,

Hard as it is to believe, the two weeks of this wonderful visit to Israel and family are rapidly coming to a close. My schedule calls for my leaving from Ben Gurion airport Sunday night (Israeli time) and arriving at Logan airport on Monday morning.

Let me share a few more experiences with you.

I am writing this message from Efrat.  I have just returned after a day in Geulah, a very religious section of Jerusalem.  The streets were teeming with people and cars, as the pre-Shabbat rush was beginning. There were also lots of wares out for Purim, including costumes and goodies for the mishloach manot baskets.

My schedule has been unbelievable, but instead of tiring me, it is actually a source of energy. The mornings and nights are quite cold (but not nearly as cold as Newton!) and the days are shirtsleeve warm.