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FleischmannBenyomin BallGameIt's not too late to enroll in this Sunday morning's Walk for Rofeh. We are gathering at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at 9:30, taking a group photo at 9:45, and then walking.  This is a 5 km (3.1 mile) family-friendly walk to support Rofeh International.

You can just show up and register in person; or you can click here to register for the walk,  then click the "Join a Team" button, and select "The Adams Street Shul” team under the Fundraising section.

If you can’t make the walk, please consider


Durani Uriya with Maimo Jazz BandAt this Thursday's Lag B'Omer Barbeque (and Tree Blessing Event) we will enjoy live music by members of the Maimonides Jazz Band.  

This in addition to inspiration and education from Rabbi Durani and Rabbi Yaffe, good food, and good company.

Hope to see you there!

Alter Shimon Yechezkel ben Rochel Chana

shulFacade 259Mass Realty, a publication of CitiStream, has included an article about us.  You can read it on their web site.  Click to read "Adams Street Synagogue: A Place of History and Harmony".

DuraniRabbiAvinoamWe are very pleased to join with the Sephardic Congregation of Newton to celebrate Lag B'Omer with a Barbeque together!  In addition to enjoying family fun with new and old friends, Rabbi Avinoam Durani and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe will teach us.  See the articles below for details. 

WeinbergRabbi-150x200There is a berachah that we can say only once a year, when we see two (or more) different species of fruit-bearing trees in bloom simultaneously.  Each year, we come together to say it. 

Thanks to a snowy winter and a late spring,  our Ninth Annual Family Picnic With the Trees will be combined with our Lab B'Omer Barbeque. 

Join us this Thursday, May 7th, from 6 PM to 8 PM.  It's a fun gathering for the whole family.  Come enjoy food and live music.  There are swings, a playhouse, and a fish pond for

marshmallow toastingThursday, May 7th, we will enjoy a Lag B'Omer barbeque.  Thanks to a generous donor, the event is free. 

4-28-13 73

Harold BinderThis joint program of the Adams Street Shul and the Sephardic Congregation of Newton begins at 6 PM at 202 Chapel Street, near the shul.  

Lag BaOmer BarbecueGood food, good company, good music, and family fun!

In case of bad weather, consult the shul's website for possible changes of plan. 


Daniel Shmuel ben Rachel

eggThe Eruv Tavshilin is a ritual which essentially proclaims that we have begun Shabbat preparations in advance of the preceding YomTov.  We take two foods that we will eat on Shabbat, and designate before Yom Tov that these foods have already been prepared in advance of Yom Tov, allowing us to "finish" preparing for Shabbat on the holiday.

The two foods should include one baked item (usually bread or matzah), and one cooked item (usually an egg, but cooked chicken or meat would also qualify);


On Shabbat HaGadol (The Shabbat before Pesach) three long black winter coats got mixed up.  Three men took home a wrong coat.  Please check yours.  If you discover that your coat isn't yours, or even if you are not precisely sure, please contact Rabbi Yaffe to arrange an exchange. 


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