The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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To volunteer to chant Torah, click the "available" link to send us an e-mail reserving the date. 

There are two ways to sponsor a kiddush, Third Meal, or Sabbath eruv:

  • Click the PayPal button to sponsor it right now with a credit card.
  • Click the "available" link to send us an e-mail reserving it, and then send the shul a check by mail.
5:19 pm
Shabbat ends: 6:21 pm
5:28 pm
Shabbat ends: 6:29 pm
6:36 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:37 pm
6:44 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:45 pm
6:52 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:53 pm

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