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Education at Adams Street

Rabbi Weinberg

Rabbi Weinberg gives a class on mitzvot (Jewish laws) or on  Parasha HaShavuah (the weekly Torah portion) on Wednesday evenings, in his home near the Shul. 

In addition, we are blessed with several congregants who are also terrific teachers:  

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe teaches a gemara class at the Shul on Sunday mornings, and gives a shiur on classical texts on Thursday evenings around the corner from the Shul at Yury's Piano Shop.

Rabbi Avinoam Durani
Rabbi Avinoam Durani

During part of the year, Rabbi Avinoam Durani gives a weekly Hebrew class at the Shul; and part of the year Rabbi Durani teaches about the weekly portion on Saturday afternoons in our Horim v'Yeladim program.

We also have preparatory, holiday-related educational events, and occasional programs by visiting scholars. See our calendar for a list of everything that's going on, or contact David Sloane, Chairman of our Education Committee.

Many of our classes are recorded.  If you can't be here in person, enjoy our online audio recordings and our small but growing collection of videos.  We also have a page of links to shiurim on this week's portion, updated daily from all over the Internet.


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