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Netzach versus Hod: Moshe, Aharon & the Menorah

Chanukah Written by Rabbi David Maayan
Tuesday, 27 December 2005 18:00

Chanukah, 5766:

Shiur with Rabbi David Maayan

Handout of Rabbi Maayan's Source Texts
(PDF file: 1.3 MB)

The audio file of the class has been broken into sections,
and the sections are described below for convenient reference. 
However, the sections after Tov L'Hodot HaShem should be heard in sequence for coherence.

introductory remarks
(4 minutes; MP3 audio file: 1.1 MB)

Rabbi Maayan teaches a Carlebach tune:
Tov L'Hodot Hashem

(4 minutes; MP3 audio file: 1 MB)

Rabbi Maayan's shiur begins:
Netzach and Hod: Moshe and Aharon

(24 minutes; MP3 audio file: 7 MB)

Source #1:  B'nei Yissaschar:
The Secret of the Primordial Light

(8 minutes; MP3 audio file: 2.4 MB)

Sources #2 & #3:  Rashi, Ramban, the Zohar, and the Izbiczer::
The Menorah and the Moment

(17 minutes; MP3 audio file: 5 MB)

The Besht, studying Gemara, and more on Aharon:
Why Chanukah?

(11 minutes; MP3 audio file: 3.1 MB)

R.' Kalman Shapira: Chovas HaTalmidim:
The Chinuch-Chanukah Connection

(14 minutes; MP3 audio file: 3.9 MB)

Source #4:  Midrash Rabbah Bereishit:
Reish Lakeish: The Four Exiles

(10 minutes; MP3 audio file: 2.9 MB)

Two questions from the students:
Habits vs. Chanukah  /  Women and Chanukah

(13 minutes; MP3 audio file: 3.7 MB)

Last Question:
Public Faces, etc.

(6 minutes; MP3 audio file: 1.8 MB)


Rabbi David Maayan's shiur was delivered on December 28, 2005.



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