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Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg    Dear Congregants and Friends,

2Jews_in_JerusalemHow can I describe the highlights of my visit when each and every moment is a unique highlight in itself?  This morning, my grandson Dani Eisenstock, drove me to the Kotel.  We put on our Talit and Tefilin and communicated with Hashem via a very "local call."  We then had a leisurely breakfast at the Rimon Cafe at the fashionable Memila Mall, overlooking Jerusalem.

Yesterday,  I joined my daughter, Shira, at the "Pinat Chamah" ("warm corner").  This is a resting stop for the soldiers, who are served coffee, tea, cakes and lots of other refreshments.  It is open for many hours each day and serviced totally by volunteers who come in shifts.  Donated boxes of delicious cakes arrive constantly.

Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg    TishaBAvWe are now in a very sad period of our calendar, which began with the Fast of Shiva Asar b'Tammuz, commemorating the time that a breach was made in the walls of Jerusalem. This day inaugurated the "Three Weeks", which culminate in the saddest day of the year, Tisha B'Av. Among other calamities, both of our Holy Temples were destroyed on that very same date.

But there are many rays of hope in these days. Our tradition teaches that Mashiach (our Messiah) will be – or already has been – born on this day. We also believe that Tisha B'Av will be turned into a day of joy and festivities, as it was in the time between the two Temples.

Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg    Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

This Rabbinic P'sak is to inform all congregants and others that no food prepared in anyone's home may be brought into the synagogue kitchen. This [prohibition] includes any bowls or other utensils.

Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg    RomeTriumphantThe Hebrew month of Tammuz has begun with its portent of the summer, accompanied by the beautiful revival of nature in all its splendor. Yet there is a sad historical note for us because on the 17th day of this month, which is a fast day, a three week period begins which culminates in Tisha B'Av, the saddest day in our calendar, the day on which both Holy Temples were destroyed.

Our annual cycle has six fast days, all of which commemorate an aspect of our exile.  Let me summarize them in a short review: Read more...
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