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  • The Red Sox and The Adams Street Shul

    News - President's Log
    Shabbat shalom and Shana tova! As the pledge cards are being handed out, I am going to ask Mr. Winer to please bolt the front doors!! Well…..what can I say.  The Red Sox are giving me a headache!  By the time Y”K is over, they w...
  • Eliezer Zevulin Ben Aliza

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Eliezer Zevulin Ben Aliza...
  • Did you miss the Rabbi's story?

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Did you miss the story the Rabbi told at the Selichot Breakfast yesterday?  Well not anymore!  You can find it on the Holidays tab of our Audio Education page .  Enjoy!  ...
  • Doubles or Nothing

    Educational Articles - Other Educational Articles
    Before it happens again, every Jewish boy born in 1995 (and even some born in 1996) will be eligible to be counted in a minyan and to be called to the Torah.  The Mets and Yankees will have played their final games in their current homes, and will ...
  • Torah Tours Program

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    We are pleased to announce that our Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah celebrations will again be enhanced by students from Yeshiva University and Stern College for Women as part of YU’s Torah Tours program. Students are slated to arrive on Thursday,...
  • Childcare Available During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Childcare will be available in the Elmer Lippin Social Hall during Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur services.  This is for babies and children up to the age of eight years old.  On Rosh HaShanah (September 13 and 14) and on Yom Ki...
  • Selichot Breakfast & Shiur, Sept. 9th.

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    The shul will hold Selichot services on Sunday morning, September 9 at 7:00 AM, followed by Shacharit at 8:00 AM, followed by a bagel breakfast at 9:15 AM, at which Rabbi Weinberg will teach us.  Everyone is invited to attend....
  • Thank You

    Services Page - Thank You Notice
    Thank you to all who recently led the services or layned:  Len Berman,  Steve Cantor,  Aryeh Cheses,  Ashie Cheses,  Noah Cheses,  Eyal Cohen,  Lloyd Cohen,  Shalom Cohen,  Ben Dershowitz,  Zack Ebin, ...
  • Dr. Lockie Milner to be Honored

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Dr. Lockie Milner, an Adams Street Shul “Sunday minyan” supporter for many years, will be honored by the Shul at a cocktail reception on Sunday, October 28 at 4:00 PM.  Newton’s South African Men’s Choir will entertain at the ...
  • 2007-09 Yosi Sloane birthday

    Nachas Notes - Birthday Article (repeats annually)
      Happy birthday to Yosi Sloane, nephew of David and Tsila Sloane.  ...
  • 2007-09 Avinoam Durani birthday

    Nachas Notes - Birthday Article (repeats annually)
      Happy birthday to Rabbi Avinoam Durani! ...
  • 2007-09 Doron Cheses birthday

    Nachas Notes - Birthday Article (repeats annually)
    Happy birthday to Doron Cheses! ...
  • Michael Walker Birthday

    Nachas Notes - Birthday Article (repeats annually)
      Happy birthday to Michael Walker! ...

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