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  • Condolences

    News - Newsflash (Emergency Callout Box)
    The Adams Street Community wants to extend our condolences to Aryeh Cheses and his family on the recent death of his aunt, Mrs. Mildred D. Sher. ...
  • Avidan Hadad marriage

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Mazal Tov to Avidan Hadad, Eyal Cohen's cousin, for getting maried to Lessley. Avidan has decided to celebrate the Shabbat Hathan with the "Adams St. Shul" community. Please join us on Shabbat "Va'etchanan" for the Torah Read...
  • Raves Bar Mitzvah

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Mazal Tov to Rave Cohen and his family for celebrating Rave's Bar Mitzva. The Cohen's family will celebrate it in Israel and will be away between July 28th to Aug. 18th ...
  • Shul Honors Suzanne Spatz

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    On June 24, 2009, the Adams Street Shul honored Suzanne Spatz for twenty-five years of outstanding, dedicated volunteer service, in recognition of her significant contributions to the restoration and revitalization of this historic synagogue. Direct...
  • "The Three Weeks" Begin July 9th

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    The period commemorating the breach of the walls of Jerusalem (17th of Tammuz) and the destruction of the Holy Temple (9th of Av) are known as the “Three Weeks.”  We have some special synagogue services and fast days coming up.  D...

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