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  • Fifth Annual 'Picnic With the Trees'; Sunday 5/1.

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    The Adams Street Shul invites the entire Jewish community of Greater Boston to our fifth annual "Picnic With the Trees."  ...
  • Sergei Chanukaev conducting in Omsk

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Congratulations to Sergei Chanukaev on his new position as the conductor of a major orchestra in Omsk, becoming once again an intercontinental commuter....
  • Congregational Lunch this Shabbos!

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    This Shabbat, which is Shabbat HaGadol, will feature a congregational lunch sponsored by Rabbi Yaffe.  The Kiddush is being given in honor of his being Chatan Bereishit on Simchat Torah; his son’s bar mitzvah earlier this year; Rivke’s recent m...
  • Shabbat HaGadol Congregational Lunch

    News - Newsflash (Emergency Callout Box)
    Join us for services this Shabbos and enjoy a Sabbath meal afterward, replete with chametz!  Sponsored by Rabbi Yaffe in honor of Rivke's marriage, Sholem's bar mitzvah, and his being Chasan Bereishit on Simchat Torah; and by Binyamin Fleischmann in ...
  • Eliezer Baruch Chaim ben Rochel Leah

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Eliezer Baruch Chaim ben Rochel Leah...
  • Rafael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Rafael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar...
  • Baruch Chaim ben Rochel Leah

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Baruch Chaim ben Rochel Leah...
  • Morris Hollender Speaks on May 1st

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Newton's annual event in commemoration of the Holocaust will take place Sunday evening, May 1st; and, as usual, Adams Street is a co-sponsor.  Congregation Shaarei Tefillah will be the venue this year, and the featured speaker will be Morris Hollende...
  • It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pesach

    Educational Articles - From the Rabbi's Study
    I know. Pesach is wonderful, but all the things that must be done before. Oy! Actually, I have developed a psychological state, which works very well for me. Of course, once Pesach arrives and we sit down to our Seder, we are like kings and queens. Bu...

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