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  • Shiva Minyans for Beth Drapkin

    News - Newsflash (Emergency Callout Box)
    This Sunday's morning minyan will be at Beth Drapkin's home (146 Norwood Ave.) rather than at the Shul. Beth will complete her Shiva there, with 8:00 AM minyans through Tuesday, and 8:00 PM minyans on Sunday and Monday. Please RSVP to Rabbi Weinberg (61...
  • In Memory of Arnold Novick

    News - Newsflash (Emergency Callout Box)
    Beth Drapkin will complete her shiva for her father at home (146 Norwood Ave.), with 8:00 AM minyans through Tuesday, and 8:00 PM minyans on Sunday and Monday.  Please RSVP to Rabbi Weinberg.  Click here to make a donation in memory of Arnold No...
  • Volunteer to Teach Reading Hebrew to Beginners

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    The Jewish National Outreach Program received a request from a local unaffiliated synagogue to teach a six session Hebrew reading course to beginners.  If you know how to read, you can teach this simple, straightforward course.   I personally...
  • Condolences to the Family of Arnold Novick

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Our condolences are extended to Beth Drapkin, Sarah and Zachary; Beth’s brothers, Steve and Keith; and Grace Novick, on the loss of their father, grandfather, and husband, Arnold William Novick (Aharon Zev ben Asher Naftali). Shiva minyans will...
  • Welcome the Entie Extended Cheses Family!

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Welcome back, Nechama, Aryeh and Doron Cheses, from your year in Israel!  We are also welcoming the entire Cheses family back to Newton this weekend:  Aviva and Scott; Noah, Sarah and Adina;  Tali; and Ashie....
  • Special Ten-Minute Meeting of the Membership!

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    There will be a ten-minute meeting of the membership on Thursday evening, August 11th, from 7:30 pm to 7:40 pm.  The Shul will open for refreshments and schmoozing beginning at 7:00 pm.  At 7:30 we will vote on two measures, described below.&nbs...
  • Rachel Chaya bat Zhenia Tziona

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Rachel Chaya bat Zhenia Tziona...
  • Baruch Dayan Emet

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    With great sadness we convey the news of the passing of Arnold William Novick, Aharon Zev ben Asher Naftali; father of Beth Drapkin and grandfather of Sarah Drapkin (7th grade) and Zachary Drapkin (5th grade). The funeral service will be held at 3:00 P...
  • Samuel Goodman Bar Mitzvah

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Mazel tov to Samuel Goodman on his Bar Mitzvah.  Mazel tov to Samuel’s mother, Ellen Goodman, and family.  Thank you to Ellen Goodman for sponsoring Kiddush in honor of Samuel’s Bar Mitzvah....
  • Yonatan Shai ben Alana (aleph lamed ayin nun hey) Daniel

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Yonatan Shai ben Alana (aleph lamed ayin nun hey) Daniel...
  • Suria Kochevet bat Sarah

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Suria Kochevet bat Sarah...
  • Special Fourth-of-July Minyan!

    News - Newsflash (Emergency Callout Box)
    On Monday, July 4th, we will have Shacharit at 8:00 am.  Thank you for davening with us....

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