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  • Jeremiah Rosen graduation

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Mazal Tov to Jeremiah Rosen on his graduation from the University of Albany with a degree in Biology. Jeremiah will be employed by Boston University. ...
  • And Nechama!

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Apologies to Nechama Fleischmann, whose name was accidentally left off last issue's list of volunteers who cooked meals for the Sloane Family when Talya was born. ...
  • Eliana is Engaged!

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Mazal Tov to Eliana Walker and Adrian Medina, who announced their engagement at the Shul on Shavuos, and congrats to Eliana's parents Robin and Michael Walker.  Adrian hails from Winter Park, Florida, and Eliana of course grew up in our Shul.  H...
  • Eva Cantor graduation

    Nachas Notes - Non-Repeating Article
    Congratulations to Eva Cantor on her college graduation.  Eva will be working in the field of Internet-based Publicity....
  • A Successful All-Nighter

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Our Tikkun L'eil Shavuot (All Night Learning on the eve of Shavuos) was a success.  Thirteen congregants studied all or part of the night.  Some people came in and out and back through the night, and there were always people there.  Many th...
  • Be With Us This Sunday for Hakaras Hatov

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Hakaras HaTov means giving recognition when something has been done for you that is good. It is an important Jewish value.  We must take time to appreciate the good doings of good people.  Be with us this Sunday for a gala event, shared with ou...
  • Nonantum Village Day!

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    This Sunday from 12 noon until 3 pm is Village Day in Nonantum!  There will be hot-air balloon rides, an inflated bounce-house, a fire engine for kids to play on, an outdoor stage with live musical performances, displays from local craftspeople and m...
  • Father Walter Cuenin

    News - Hot News (Upcoming Events)
    Father Walter Cuenin received his bachelor of arts degree from Saint John's Seminary in Boston in 1967.  He then studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he earned a bachelor's degree in sacred theology in 1969.  Walter Cuenin wa...
  • Super-Saver!

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Steve Lesser recently completed exhaustive studies of our eruv operations and of our insurance options.  His work will help us to improve our operations and save us money as we continue to strive to balance our budget.  Yasher Koach, Steve!...
  • Gittel bas Devorah Sora

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Gittel bas Devorah Sora...
  • Devora Chiyena bas Eliyitta

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Devora Chiyena bas Eliyitta...
  • Yisrael Refael ben Sarah Nesha

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Yisrael Refael ben Sarah Nesha...
  • Yehudit Malka bas Rivka Perl

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Yehudit Malka bas Rivka Perl...
  • Heni Sara bas Shaina

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Heni Sara bas Shaina...
  • Chana bas Bracha

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Chana bas Bracha...
  • Amitai Yaakov ben Bracha

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Male
    Amitai Yaakov ben Bracha...
  • Sima bas Toiba Golda

    Refuah List - Refuah List - Female
    Sima bas Toiba Golda...
  • Mazal Tov to Linnea!

    News - Standing Notices (not for news)
    Mazal Tov to Linnea Bredenberg-Froimowitz, who was awarded her MA degree from Brandeis University this past weekend! ...
  • "Baby Food"

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Yasher Koach to Shul Director Anna Steingart, who spearheaded the program to bring meals to the Sloane family when Talya Emunah Zamira was born.  The volunteers shopped, cooked, and delivered meals daily for the first two weeks, and then for the two ...
  • Mazal Tov to Dafna Hayman!

    News - Viva Volunteers!
    Mazal Tov to Dafna Hayman!  She is an MBA!!!!  She earned this degree while being a working mom, a pregnant mom, and an everyday mom of three children!  Yasher Koach on your new and hard-earned degree! ...

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