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To volunteer to chant Torah, click the "available" link to send us an e-mail reserving the date. 

There are two ways to sponsor a kiddush, Third Meal, or Sabbath eruv:

  • Click the PayPal button to sponsor it right now with a credit card.
  • Click the "available" link to send us an e-mail reserving it, and then send the shul a check by mail.
5:19 pm
Shabbat ends: 6:21 pm
5:28 pm
Shabbat ends: 6:29 pm
6:36 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:37 pm
6:44 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:45 pm
6:52 pm
Shabbat ends: 7:53 pm

Private events, such as facilities rentals that must block out time on the calendar.

Minyans and related ritual events.

Educational events, includes one-time lectures and ongoing classes.

Social functions, including children's playgroups, fund-raising dinners, etc.

This is the category to use for posting the start and end times of fasts, holiday candle-lighting times, and end times for Shabbat; as well as for identifying layners, sponsors, preachers, set-up volunteers, and so on.
The time assigned to these calendar items will control where the items appear in the event list, but the times will not be visible in the calendar. 

Furthermore, if your item begins with any of the following special keywords (including the colon), your item will be positioned higher, close to the preceding event rather than standing on its own:

  • Layner:
  • D'rash by:
  • Kiddush Set-up by:
  • Set-up by:
  • Kiddush Sponsor:
  • Eruv Sponsor:
  • Sponsor:

If you wish additional keywords to be recognized, contact the webmaster.

[Help for the webmaster: edit the file:

Displays (and triggers reminders to) the monthly L'Chayim Club sponsors.

Used to designate layners.

Publish articles as event descriptions so they will repeat automatically.  Examples might include:  End of year reminder of tax deadline for donation deductions, annual summary of a holiday or laws of Pesach, etc.  Swap standing notices automatically, etc.


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