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The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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Nachas Notes

Happy Anniversary to Shelly Greene and Dr. David Jacobson! (June 9)
Happy birthday, David Rubinstein! (June 9th)
Happy Anniversary to Daniel and Holly Broniatowski! (June 15)
Happy Birthday to Tali Cheses! (June 17th)
Happy birthday to Robin Walker. (June 16th)
Happy Birthday to Audrey Berman! (June 17)
Happy Birthday to Mendi Kabillio (June 21 and 30 Sivan), grandson of Harold and Sybil Binder.
Happy Birthday to Yoki (Yocheved Batya) Fleischman! (28 Sivan; June 26)
Happy Birthday to Peretz Partensky! (June 28th)
Happy birthday to Noah Cheses! (July 1)
Happy Birthday to Victor Epstein! (July 3rd)
Happy birthday to Asher Cheses. (July 3)
Happy Birthday to Shelly Greene! (July 5th)
Happy Birthday to Dr. Len Berman! (July 7th)
Happy Birthday to Bernie Wagner!
Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Alex Shamrakova! (July 15)
Happy Birthday to Aviva Cheses, on July 14th.