How do I carry between the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Newton Corner and Adams Street Shul?
The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

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The Newton Crowne Plaza Hotel straddles the Mass Pike at Newton Corner.  Here, the area south of the Pike is within the eruv, but the area north of the Pike is not.  Just a few blocks west of here, the eruv includes both sides of the Pike, and there are four places you can cross the Pike while carrying. Here are the details:

Crown Plaza

When you are carrying on Shabbat, two Tzurot Ha-Pesah allow you to enter and exit the hotel from only the south side of the hotel (and not through the automatic electric doors at the main lobby entrance).  Stay on the south side of the red line in the photo above.  

In the map below, the red route lies entirely within the eruv.  This route is one-and-a-quarter miles long, and includes a hill.  The green route lies partially outside the eruv.  This route is three-fourths of a mile long, and level.  Click the map to see it full-size.  Also, read the detailed instructions below. 

walk to shul routes
To carry between the hotel and the Adams Street Shul on Shabbat, exit the hotel's south side and cross the street.  Cut across the Richardson Street Parking Lot, walk west on Richardson, then south (uphill) on Oakland Street. At the end of Oakland, a staircase connects to Winthrop.  Walk a few steps east on Winthrop, make a hairpin right turn onto Newtonville Ave (west bound), and eventually a right turn onto Lewis Terrace, which takes you over the Pike and to the foot of Adams Street. 

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