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Zmanim for 168 Adams St., Newton MA:
  • Sunrise: 6:12am
  • Kriat Shema (M''A): 8:28am
  • Kriat Shema (Gr''A): 9:04am
  • Latest Tefillah: 10:01am
  • Chatzot: 11:56am
  • Mincha Gedola: 12:24pm
  • Mincha Katana: 3:16pm
  • Plag HaMincha: 4:28pm
  • Sunset: 5:40pm

Nachas Notes

Happy Birthday to Nevo Durani!
Happy birthday, Bert Grand!
Happy Birthday to Rabbi Shomo Yaffe, the day before Purim!  (He seldom gets to eat on his birthday!)
Happy Birthday Jane Partensky (March 10th).
Happy Anniversary to Phil and Jane Rosen!  (March 10th)
Happy birthday, Racheli Bracha Efremenko, granddaughter of Chaya Esther Vaks, and daughter of Rivka and Gershom Efremenko.
Happy Birthday to Ronny Drapkin! (March 2nd)
Happy Birthday to Sarah Boling! (March 4th)
Happy Birthday to Aryeh Cheses!

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Leah bat Bassie
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Sat,   February 28
Steve Cantor
Sat,   March 7
Phil Rosen

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The Kabbalah of Beer - now on video

2015 beer tasting tinyTwenty-five people participated in our second annual Pre-Purim Melavah Malkah and Beer-Tasting Contest, which was held February 28, 2015.  The winners were Shaina Raklyar, Noam Cohen, and Effie Notis.

The event was recorded; see the videos below.

Rabbi Norbert Weinberg welcomed everyone, and then Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe delivered short Torah and Jewish History lessons to introduce each beer.  Each of his topics was inspired by the location of the brewery or of the origin of that style of beer.  

    The videos below include the following presentations:

Click to continue...
Not Too Late to Support the Shul in a Tasty Way!

2015 beer tasting tinyAny of the beers presented at the recent Pre-Purim Melavah Malkah and Beer-Tasting Contest can still be ordered at the special event pricing.  You can specify "delivery now" or "delivery after Passover".  In addition, Silver Lake Liquors will make a donation to the shul equal to 10% of your order. 

Click to view or print the Beer Descriptions.  And click to view or print the Order Form.  Fill out the order form and give it to event organizer Jordan Lee Wagner, or directly to John Negrotti around the corner at Silver Lake Liquors.

The event was a great success, with twenty-five people attending and with fascinating divrei Torah from Rabbi Yaffe.  Now you can make it worth even more to the shul, and to your tastebuds, by placing your order for some of these superb craft beers.

Many thanks to Sarah Wagner and Nechama Fleishmann for a gruelling amount of work in the kitchen and serving;  and to Dr. Howard Bleich for pre-event shopping and delivery;  and to Evie Notis and Noam Cohen who arrived early and made lovely hors d'ouvres; and to Talia Holtzman, Zevvy Goldish, and Noam Steinman who stepped into the breach by setting up the room;  and to to John Negrotti of Silver Lake Liquors for his guidance in selecting and procuring the beers and his related donation of beverages for l'chayims, and his assistance with poster production;  and to Robin Walker, Daniel Broniatowski, and Rabbi Weinberg for guidance that significantly improved the event's market positioning statement. 

Of course we also thank Rabbi Norbert Weinberg for his welcoming remarks and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe for his extensive presentation.  They were recorded.  You can watch them on our YouTube channel or on our Event Scrapbook page on our website.



Happy Purim!

purim-grooger-hamantaschenYoung and old, be here in costume this Wednesday night for the megillah-reading, and then stay for break-the-fast refreshments, special goodie bags for the children, festive music, and a costume parade with prizes for the kids. 

Parents wishing to get involved to add additional fun activities can contact Beri and Nechama at .

Purim Torah

Prepare yourself for Purim with our educational and inspirational videos:

Purim Torah Thoughts on Beer


 Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe and Rabbi Norberr Weinberg

Introduction to the Laws of Purim


Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

Purim: Seeing Behind the Masks


Rabbi David Maayan

Revelation and the Dark Cloud -- Haman and the Serpent


Rabbi David Maayan

Megillat Esther and the Dimensions of Concealment


Rabbi David Maayan

The History, Laws, and Customs of Purim


Rabbi Norbert Weinberg
Matanot L'evyonim Program

Yad_Chesed_Logo160Every year at Purim, The Adams Street Shul joins with fifty-five Boston-area congregations, day schools, and college Hillels to aid needy people through Yad Chessed, a unique charity that provides a safety net for individuals and families in severe economic distress. 

Last year, Yad Chessed distributed $92,925 in food assistance through its community-wide Purim program, which builds on the ancient Jewish practice of giving matanot l'evyonim ("gifts to the poor"), as the Book of Esther enjoins us to do on Purim day.

ChesesAryeh-200x150 02The Shul will collect funds for this purpose at our megillah reading on Saturday evening, February 23. Please bring your check payable to Yad Chessed with you on Purim night, or drop it off in advance at the synagogue office, or click to make a Matanot L'evyonim Donation online right now.

We will tally the collection and inform Yad Chessed of the amount the next morning, so that all of the funds can be distributed on Purim day itself.  The need is critical, and each of us can help!

Here are details about the Purim mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim and about how our Communitywide Matanot Levyonim Program works:

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Congregational Purim Seudah, March 5th

seudahOne of the most pleasant mitzvahs in our calendar is coming together to enjoy a festive meal on Purim. 

This year's Purim Seudah, on Thursday March 5th,  is a combined project of the Adams Street Shul and IJK-Newton, the local branch of the Institute for Judaic Knowledge.

The event begins with mincha at 4:30 PM.  At 4:45 PM there will be a third Megillah Reading by Rabbi Yaffe upstairs for anyone who missed the earlier readings, while guests downstairs in the Elmer Lippin Social Hall enjoy salads and schmoozing.  By about 5:15 PM, all be together downstairs for the seudah.

The suggested donation is $10 per person, children under five are free, and with a $60 family maximum.  Prepay or pay at the door, but...

...Reservations are absolutely necessary.  The Deadline is noon on Monday March 2nd.  Respond by email or phone to Robin Walker (617-347-6249).  (To become a sponsor of the event, please contact Benyomin Fleischmann.)

Chesed Committee Contacts
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You can make a donation right now, using a credit card, electronic check, or the balance in your PayPal account.


Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, March 6, is at 5:24 pm.   Shabbat concludes at 6:25 pm on Saturday, March 7.  

Weekly Torah Portion

Minyans This Week

Friday:  pm
Saturday:  9:00 am
Sunday:  8:00 am

Education This Week

Sunday, March 8, at 09:00 AM
Talmud Class: Good Neighbors (and, well, the oy vey kind)
Tractate Bava Batra, taught by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.

Wednesday, March 11, at 07:30 PM
Responsa in our Lives
Halachic Questions, Rabbinic Answers, and Their Meaning for Us. Taught by Rabbi Weinberg in his home, at 130 Crafts Street, Newton MA 02458.

Last Week's Kiddush Sponor


Next Week's Kiddush Sponor


This Week's Volunteers

New Scrapbook!

2014-05-18 barbecue-album-cover-photoOur newest online scrapbook is now available for viewing.  It aggregates photos taken at our recent Lag B'Omer Barbecue. 

If you have any photos or videos to add, please send them to

Musicians Wanted

KhanukaevMaestroSergey Sergey Khanukaev, our member and accomplished pianist and musical conductor, would like to organize a professional instrumental ensemble of children ages 9 to 16 to perform a variety of musical pieces focused on Jewish themes. 

After a series of rehearsals and preparations he would launch a series of concerts in Boston. This is a highly innovative idea, since there are currently no children's ensembles that are focused primarily on performing the masterpieces of Jewish music. 

Dr. Khanukaev would very much like to discuss his proposal with prospective parents and students.  Please contact him at 617-669-7778 or at to discuss ways in which you might collaborate.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come
Bert Grand at the Shul Centennial Red Sox OutingWe hope you have enjoyed the pleasant socializing each week after Shabbat morning services. Have you ever wondered how the shul manages to provide the kiddush even on weeks when it has not been sponsored? 

The Grand Family Kiddush Fund sponsors the kiddush whenever no one else has.  Even if you cannot sponsor a kiddush on your own, small donations in any amount are always welcome.  Simply designate that your donation is for The Grand Family Kiddush Fund. 

It's a nice way to honor someone, celebrate a simcha, or memorialize a loved one.  You can donate online now.

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