The Adams Street Shul

Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

I received an email today from Rabbi Weinberg in Israel.  He had a wonderful time visiting the Durani family and reports that things look good for their return to the States shortly after the High Holidays.  We anxiously await their arrival!Smile


The High Holiday Edition of the Synagogue's newsletter will be out (via email) this week.  Members that would like to be added to the list should send me their email address.

A Modern Community

We hope you will visit us when you visit Boston. If you live here, we hope you will participate in our educational classes, religious services, and holiday celebrations. 

For a quick overview of what's going on, visit our News page and our Calendar.

A Historic Shul

The Adams Street Shul is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are now in our second century of service to the Jewish community.

Part of our mission is to preserve and maintain this historic building, with the help of many supportive friends.

Rabbi Norbert Weinberg

The Adams Street Shul

(617) 630-0226

168 Adams Street
P.O. Box 600371
Newton, MA 02460

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Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, July 1, is at 8:08 pm.    Shabbat concludes at 9:09 pm on Saturday, June 25.  

Torah Portion

This Saturday is Shabbat Shelach, Mevarchim.  
(The Torah Reading is Bamidbar 13:1-15:41;   and the Haftarah is Joshua 2:1-24.)

Minyan Schedule

for the weekend of 6/24-6/26, Shabbat Behaalot'cha:

Friday Mincha 7:00 PM
Saturday Shacharit 9:00 AM
  Mincha 8:00 PM
Sunday Shacharit 8:00 AM

Today's Local Zmanim

Saturday, June 25, 2016
19 Sivan 5776
for 168 Adams St., Newton MA
Alot: 3:11 am
Mishekayir: 3:52 am
Sunrise: 5:08 am
Kriat Shema (M"A): 8:21 am
Kriat Shema (Gr"A): 8:57 am
Latest Tefilah: 10:14 am
Chatzot: 12:47 pm
Mincha Gedolah: 1:25 pm
Mincha Ketanah: 5:15 pm
Plag HaMincha: 6:51 pm
Sunset: 8:27 pm
Tzeit Ha-Kochavim: 9:20 pm

Upcoming Educational Events

Sunday, Jun 26 @ 9:30 am
Shiur w/Rabbi Friedman

with source sheets
Sunday, Jun 26 @ 10:00 am
Q&A w/Rabbi Friedman