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What a Party!

Written by Michael Froimowitz
Saturday, 04 December 2010 22:47
Happy Chanukah PartyWhat a great Chanukah party we had this year!  Kids made Chanukah picture frames and decorative menorahs at the crafts table run by Jane Rosen.  Others schpritzed water-guns, competing to douse the flames, in the carnival-style booth run by Shoshanna Fleischmann and Max Cantor.  Celebrants decorated cookies, and then ate their artwork.  Other partygoers filled their own jelly donuts with the sweet sticky stuff of their choice.  Face-painting by Rena Walker added additional color to the festivity!  Odeya Durani oversaw the Dreidel-Spinning Contest, while Rabbi Durani excelled in the Blind Potato Dancing.  He also had the children mesmerized during Story-Time.  Chocolate money flowed freely.

Thanks also to Sarah Boling and David Winer, who spent most of Friday slaving over a hot stove in the Shul kitchen, making over twenty pounds of latkes.  The aroma during Friday night services was heavenly, and they were all gobbled up well before the party ended. 

Thanks go to Rabbi Avinoam Durani and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe for their inspirational words at the candle-lighting.  And to Chaya Esther Vaks for photography and to Dr. Ronny Drapkin for videotaping.  And to Nechama Fleischmann for doing the prerequisite shopping.

Thanks also to Jordan Lee Wagner for the microphone and amplifier, the lyrics sheets for the sing-along, and for emceeing the Trivia Contest; and to Sergey Khanukaev  for the live holiday music.  (How'd we get so lucky to have our Chanukah music played by a musician named for the holiday?)

Thanks to Phil Rosen and Yoki Fleischmann for manning the admission table and the lottery ticket sales.  Thanks also to Max Cantor for the stereo system and recorded music, and to Daniel Gorelik and Benyomin Fleischmann who set-up the party beforehand and to all who helped clean up afterward (including Max Cantor; Shoshana Fleishmann; Odeya Durani; Phil and Jane Rosen; Benyomin, Yoki & Nechama Fleishmann; Chaya Esther Vaks; Chaya Durani, and others). 

Special kudos to the teenage members who organized the whole shebang, and to Jane Rosen who guided it all in this new direction! 

Yasher Koach and Chanukah Sameach, Everyone!

P.S. -- If you have digital photos or videos from the party, please send them to for sharing in the Scrapbooks section of our website.
Max Cantor, Shoshana Fleishmann, Odeya Durani,  Phil & Jane Rosen, Benyomin, Yoki & Nechama Fleishmann, Chaya Esther Vaks, Chaya Durani.**** There was an older couple not from Newton, never saw them before....the wife  is extremely skinny and helped clean up as well
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