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Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfard

Thanksgiving is upon us and I wanted to share something with you that I recently read:

"The Hebrew month of Tishrei, with its abundant share of Jewish Holy Days, has come and gone. Tishrei’s Days of Awe led us to look inward and to consider ways in which we can refine ourselves. Sukkot and Simchat Torah gave time for joyful celebration of harvest and renewal of Torah. Now November is here, and just as our Hebrew calendar called us to certain emotions associated with each Holy Day, Thanksgiving has its own powerful associations. Thanksgiving is dedicated to the purpose of stirring our gratitude for life’s abundant blessings.

I hold warm memories, as I imagine many of us do, of family closeness shared at the time of year we slide into colder, darker days of winter. Not long after Thanksgiving we will return to the Hebrew calendar to find light in that darkness as we light our Hanukah candles. As American Jews, we are fortunate to have both of these complimentary cycles providing rhythm and
texture to our years." How true!

I hope that as we sit together with family and friends at the Thanksgiving table, we can all identify certain special individuals, precious moments, achievements, or lessons that have touched our lives this past year, made them better, given us hope, and made us appreciate the beauty around us.

It is an honor and pleasure to serve this community. Each of you contributes to the collective beauty that makes up the Adams Street Shul and I thank you.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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The Adams Street Shul is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are now in our second century of service to the Jewish community.

Part of our mission is to preserve and maintain this historic building, with the help of many supportive friends.

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Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, May 25, is at 7:53 pm.    Shabbat concludes at 8:54 pm on Saturday, May 26.  

Torah Portion

This Saturday is Shabbat Nasso.  
(The Torah Reading is Bamidbar 4:21-7:89;   and the Haftarah is Judges 13:2-25.)