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Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg Tisha B'Av D'rashOf course, one of the major themes for the four Fasts is that of mourning.  Our souls cry out against the many unjust and horrific crimes against our people.  We are repelled by the fact that our tiny people has given so much to the world and has been treated so cruelly in response.

But there is more.  Our fasting is a fervent prayer that these injustices will soon become a thing of the past.  We yearn for the day that the cruelty of mankind will give way to justice and love and that their "swords will be turned into plough-shares."

Finally, and perhaps the most important aspect of fasting on all our fast days, is the

crucial need for Teshuvah... for repentance.  The second Holy Temple was destroyed because our people had descended to the depth is sinat chinam... senseless and unreasonable hatred.  Tragically, we are suffering seriously from this malady today.  Jewish organizations, rabbis, cultural groups (religious, secular, sefardi, ashkenazi, etc.) often feel superior and hold all others in contempt.

I believe that we should focus on this shortcoming tomorrow and on all future fast days.  Above all, we should never forget the huge power of the individual.  What you and I do does make a difference.

May we have an easy and meaningful Fast and may we soon behold the rebuilding of our Holy Temple and ultimate peace upon mankind.


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