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Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg Now that we’ve just gone through a whirlwind of holy days and festivals, the month of Cheshvan — the first day of which will be this Shabbat — does not have a single holiday... not even a fast day! 

If I were to ask you what your favorite Hebrew month is, you would probably name one corresponding to your favorite holiday (Pesach, Chanukah, Succot, etc.).  Hard as this may be for you to believe, Cheshvan is my favorite month. 

Now please don’t get me wrong.  I love each and every one of our holidays – major or minor.  But I also know that life cannot be lived on the crest.  A time must come for everything to calm down – for a regular routine to reestablish itself.  Tishrei was a roller-coaster of emotions, activities, and sheer excitement.  Now the time has come to calm down and put all the lessons and resolutions of the past month to the test.

I look forward to the regular weekly activities, topped by the warmth of Shabbat. I also look forward to the regular services which are filled with messages and meaning.  And finally, I look forward to the new reading and study of our Torah, with all the novel lessons and interpretations it will offer.

Chodesh Tov!

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