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Written by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg Derash on Lech Lcha -The Road Ahead - Abraham's FaithThere are two times in the Torah when G-d tells Abraham to go to a certain place, but does not inform him of the destination. The first is in this week's portion of Lech Lecha:  "Leave your home and go to a place which I (G-d) will show you."  The second time is in Parshat Va-yaira" when Abraham is going toward the mountain where he was to be tested regarding his willingness the sacrifice Yitzchak (Isaac).  Again, he was instructed to go to a mountain "which I (G-d) will show you."  Why was Abraham not informed?

There are many reasons given why Abraham was not informed what his final destination would be as he embarked on his journeys.  To me, there is a very important lesson in both instances:  When we were born, we embarked on our lives without any real knowledge or assurances of where life would lead us. In the same manner, all journeys and programs which we undertake are shrouded in mystery regarding their outcome.

This was not a problem to Abraham.  He never felt alone or abandoned because he always walked with G-d.  We, also, should be strengthened by the faith that if we try our best to walk in the "straight path", G-d will assist us in reaching the goals which we seek to attain.


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