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Newton Tab Front Page - Adams Street Event This week's Newton Tab featured last Sunday's centennial event on the front page of its Newton Life section.  Click the image at left to read the details.  This image is used by kind permission of the Newton Tab.  The photos are by Zara Tzanev and the text is by Dan Fuchs. 

Many thanks to all the people who made this event so wonderful and successful:

The speakers:  Rabbi Norbert Weinberg,  Brandeis University Vice-President Dr. Andrew Flagel,  Shul President Benyomin Fleischmann,  Sister Marie LaBollita,  and Newton City Clerk David Olson. 

The musicians:  Dr. Leonard Berman (flute),  Jim Demicco (saxophone and vocals),  Esther Gruber (keyboards),  and Vivian Toney (percussion).

The Priestly Blessing: Rabbi Norbert Weinberg and Father Walter CueninThe shul volunteers who assisted with marketing and publicity, and with event preparation and administration:  Mark Stepner,  Jordan Lee Wagner,  Steve Cantor,  Nate Hayman,  Gail Gilfix,  Zhanna Cantor,  Chaya Esther Vaks,  Nancy Kupferman Blanchard,  Benyomin and Nechama Fleischmann. 

The neigborhood volunteers who helped with marketing and publicity:  John Negrotti of Silver Lake Liquors,  Tony Dee of Tony's Auto Service,  Branch Manager Michael Dion of Village Bank, Mike at Signal Graphics,  and the very many businesses of Nonantum, Newton Corner, and Newtonville that posted our event flyers; and Our Lady's which publicized the event in its weekly bulletin and announced it from the pulpit.

WarrenSeti_NNA--reducedTo the volunteers of the Nonantum Neighborhood Association who produced Nonantum's first annual Village Day --- and especially Lois Dominique of Jay-Lo's Renew.  We coordinated our plans so that both events would support each other.  (And the Shul displayed a historical exhibit and event invitation banner at the Village Day exhibition.)

To Tom Cahill (Assistant Director of the Recreation Department of the City of Newton) and to Fatty Pelligrini (Caretaker of Colleti-Magni Park) for permission to display our banner in in the park during the week before the event. 

2012-06-03__002To Beri Gilfix, the Event Chair, who coordinated everything and had a hand in all of the above.

And of course we thank again the honoree himself, Father Walter Cuenin, for celebrating our centennial with us in this way.

Watch the Video!

Even if you were not able to attend the live event, you can watch the video of the Cornerstone Award for Community Building event on our website. 

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A Historic Shul

The Adams Street Shul is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are now in our second century of service to the Jewish community.

Part of our mission is to preserve and maintain this historic building, with the help of many supportive friends.

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Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, June 22, is at 8:09 pm.    Shabbat concludes at 9:09 pm on Saturday, June 23.  

Torah Portion

This Saturday is Shabbat Chukat.  
(The Torah Reading is Bamidbar 19:1-22:1;   and the Haftarah is Judges 11:1-33.)