Melavah Malkah Thank Yous

WagnerJordan 100x100Thank you to the following volunteers for making The Second Annual PrePurim Melavah Malkah and Beer-Tasting Contest so successful: 

Many thanks to Sarah Wagner and Nechama Fleishmann for a gruelling amount of work in the kitchen and serving; 

and to Dr. Howard Bleich for pre-event shopping and delivery; 

and to Evie Notis and Noam Cohen who arrived early and made lovely hors d'ouvres;

and to Talia Holtzman, Zevvy Goldish, and Noam Steinman who stepped into the breach by setting up the room; 

and to to John Negrotti of Silver Lake Liquors for his guidance in selecting and procuring the beers and his related donation of beverages for l'chayims, and his assistance with poster production; 

and to Benyomin Fleischmann for the massive clean up afterward;

and to Robin Walker, Daniel Broniatowski, and Rabbi Weinberg for guidance that significantly improved the event's market positioning statement. 

Of course we also thank Rabbi Norbert Weinberg for his welcoming remarks and Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe for his extensive presentation.  They made the event both educational and fun, and they were recorded.  You can watch them on our YouTube channel or on the Event Scrapbook page on our website.

Jordan Lee Wagner,
Event Chair

Hey, People of the Book!
books_4.jpgMany of us buy stuff over the Internet; everything from books and DVDs to pet food and tomato sauce.  And many of us use, the world's largest store.  Well, instead of going to by typing that into your computer, please go there by using one the links below (also found on our website's What's New Page). 

If you use the links below, Amazon will donate about 6% of your purchase to the shul.  Since they usually have the best prices, you save too!

For example: Here's a link to buy the Artscroll Siddur: Nusach Sefard (the same Siddur we use in the Shul).  And here's the The Chumash: The Stone Edition (the same one we use in the Shul).  Or any Books at all!  Whenever you buy books, you can help the Shul at the same time.

In fact, Amazon donates to the Shul when you buy anything (if you go to Amazon via our links), including: 

So please use these links to help the Shul whenever you shop.   Thanks. 
New Scrapbook!

2014-05-18 barbecue-album-cover-photoOur newest online scrapbook is now available for viewing.  It aggregates photos taken at our recent Lag B'Omer Barbecue. 

If you have any photos or videos to add, please send them to

Chesed Notes

Would you like to be included on a list of people willing to prepare or deliver meals to Adams Street families in need of chesed at the time of a birth, death, or illness? 

If you would like to be contacted in these circumstances, please send your name, phone number and e-mail address along with any specific instructions (e.g., "I am happy to deliver meals, but I don't have any time during the week to cook.") to the following members of the Chesed Committee:

We would like to keep names on file so that we will be able to contact you to ask if you are available to help when a situation arises.

Musicians Wanted

KhanukaevMaestroSergey Sergey Khanukaev, our member and accomplished pianist and musical conductor, would like to organize a professional instrumental ensemble of children ages 9 to 16 to perform a variety of musical pieces focused on Jewish themes. 

After a series of rehearsals and preparations he would launch a series of concerts in Boston. This is a highly innovative idea, since there are currently no children's ensembles that are focused primarily on performing the masterpieces of Jewish music. 

Dr. Khanukaev would very much like to discuss his proposal with prospective parents and students.  Please contact him at 617-669-7778 or at to discuss ways in which you might collaborate.


WagnerJordan_200x150Here's an easy and cost-free way you can help our community grow!

Many people are searching for a shul near Boston via the Internet.  When people enter the search phrases that we care about, our own website sometimes comes out near the top of the search results.  But just as often, Yelp's page about our shul comes up more prominently. 

Yelp is a directory of businesses and institutions.  Anyone can post reviews there. 

These search results mean that many people's first impression of our shul comes not from our own website but from Yelp's listing. 

You can help us attract more visitors and prospective members by visiting The Adams Street Shul's listing at Yelp, and rating us or reviewing us there.  So far, there are only two reviews there (both very positive of course).

If there were many positive reviews, written by diverse people sharing their perspectives, that would make our listing in the Yelp directory a valuable aid to our long term growth.  It takes just a couple of minutes and is free. 

If You Feed Them, They Will Come
Bert Grand at the Shul Centennial Red Sox OutingWe hope you have enjoyed the pleasant socializing each week after Shabbat morning services. Have you ever wondered how the shul manages to provide the kiddush even on weeks when it has not been sponsored? 

The Grand Family Kiddush Fund sponsors the kiddush whenever no one else has.  Even if you cannot sponsor a kiddush on your own, small donations in any amount are always welcome.  Simply designate that your donation is for The Grand Family Kiddush Fund. 

It's a nice way to honor someone, celebrate a simcha, or memorialize a loved one.  You can donate online now.
Chesed Committee Contacts
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Making News in Newton

Newton Tab Front Page - Adams Street Event This week's Newton Tab featured last Sunday's centennial event on the front page of its Newton Life section.  Click the image at left to read the details.  This image is used by kind permission of the Newton Tab.  The photos are by Zara Tzanev and the text is by Dan Fuchs. 

Many thanks to all the people who made this event so wonderful and successful:

The speakers:  Rabbi Norbert Weinberg,  Brandeis University Vice-President Dr. Andrew Flagel,  Shul President Benyomin Fleischmann,  Sister Marie LaBollita,  and Newton City Clerk David Olson. 

The musicians:  Dr. Leonard Berman (flute),  Jim Demicco (saxophone and vocals),  Esther Gruber (keyboards),  and Vivian Toney (percussion).

The Priestly Blessing: Rabbi Norbert Weinberg and Father Walter CueninThe shul volunteers who assisted with marketing and publicity, and with event preparation and administration:  Mark Stepner,  Jordan Lee Wagner,  Steve Cantor,  Nate Hayman,  Gail Gilfix,  Zhanna Cantor,  Chaya Esther Vaks,  Nancy Kupferman Blanchard,  Benyomin and Nechama Fleischmann. 

The neigborhood volunteers who helped with marketing and publicity:  John Negrotti of Silver Lake Liquors,  Tony Dee of Tony's Auto Service,  Branch Manager Michael Dion of Village Bank, Mike at Signal Graphics,  and the very many businesses of Nonantum, Newton Corner, and Newtonville that posted our event flyers; and Our Lady's which publicized the event in its weekly bulletin and announced it from the pulpit.

WarrenSeti_NNA--reducedTo the volunteers of the Nonantum Neighborhood Association who produced Nonantum's first annual Village Day --- and especially Lois Dominique of Jay-Lo's Renew.  We coordinated our plans so that both events would support each other.  (And the Shul displayed a historical exhibit and event invitation banner at the Village Day exhibition.)

To Tom Cahill (Assistant Director of the Recreation Department of the City of Newton) and to Fatty Pelligrini (Caretaker of Colleti-Magni Park) for permission to display our banner in in the park during the week before the event. 

2012-06-03__002To Beri Gilfix, the Event Chair, who coordinated everything and had a hand in all of the above.

And of course we thank again the honoree himself, Father Walter Cuenin, for celebrating our centennial with us in this way.

Watch the Video!

Even if you were not able to attend the live event, you can watch the video of the Cornerstone Award for Community Building event on our website. 

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